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Top 20 TV shows of 2013
I love Hannibal. Can you do more about Hannibal please? Ideally just multiple stills of Will Graham looking vulnerable, that'll do. Read More

Gracepoint to be loads better than Broadchurch because America
Oh, so he's doing his American in this. Thought it would be weird if it was just DI Whatsischops on some sort of Scotland Yard Exchange Trip. It does look good, mostly because it looks exactly ... Read More

When I went to watch QI
I've always liked Jason Manford, and he once told me I was funny on Twitter before, you know... the [i]incident[/i]. Sounds like a great night out. I keep meaning to sign up to those things, bu... Read More

Alcatraz - season one, episode 1
It's been cancelled. Glad I wrote 1000 words on the opening episode. Read More

Jonny Lee Miller: autistic Sherlock Holmes 2.0
What is the point of this? Just watch bloody Sherlock. Fuck you, Lucy Liu. Read More

Digital Spy trend: people who want to be on Downton Abbey
That is so Shabba. Read More

Weird how Paul Rudd was in Friends before he was Paul Rudd
I agree Ali, he'll always be Josh who smells like granola and listens to Kenny G. Read More

Sing your fool head off with Smash
I'll be honest, it's just a Neil Patrick Harris shy of full Barrowman. A combination of Brothers & Sisters or ThirtySomething and glee, but in the way that bubble baths are a combination... Read More

Sing your fool head off with Smash
Fact. I love Smash. Read More

Films on TV round-up: Big
I like Turner and Hooch. But I also agree that Big is Hanks' finest hour. Not that he's not done remarkably well for himself since, just Big is the most accessable and DAMNIT the most fun role... Read More