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Favourite TV Shows: House, Breaking Bad, Sopranos, West Wing, Mad Men etc etc etc
Can't Wait To See: how much Jeremy Vine gets paid for doing two minutes a week on Panorama
Member Since: 05 May 2011

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Top 10 TV shows of 2014
Dull is the new exciting. It works on so many levels. Forgot Hannibal nearly got cancelled. That's actually mental, isn't it? Read More

The Trip to Italy
All I could think of when they went swimming at the end was: (2.14) [yt]3wS2MffwkOo[/yt] Read More

19 people who are FURIOUS that everyone keeps calling her "Khaleesi"

Top 20 TV shows of 2013
Never even heard of In the Flesh. My finger is some distance from the pulse. Just realised I completely forgot Black Mirror too. What idiot put me in charge here? I'm like a gibbon running a ba... Read More

Rhys Ifans announces Elementary role to world's press
Well you might've mentioned this earlier. Read More

Nine people or things who might just as well be the new Doctor Who
I'd say the World Health Organization's got an outside shot. Read More

Bit concerned James Purefoy's going to derail The Following
First episode's pretty good. My Purefoy fears are largely unfounded on its evidence. Bit heavy on the Red Dragon setup, but some really good surprises in it. Read More

Dexter dismembers sister, reassembles corpse wrong way round
See it yet? I'm [spoiler]glad it wasn't a full-blown comeback: thought Doakes would be back from the dead to kick off Dexter's downfall, which would've been shit. Good thing it was onl... Read More

Dexter dismembers sister, reassembles corpse wrong way round
Not looking at that! But I think I know what you're talking about. I've seen the title of season 7's final episode; if this is the same thing then it's a big giveaway. Read More

Dexter dismembers sister, reassembles corpse wrong way round
Entirely plausible I'd say. Did you know that Ralph and Potsie in Happy Days never had a scene together? It was all done with CGI because the actors hated each other. Also Dennis Waterman and Geor... Read More
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