We throw together a load of Curb promos and somehow that's OK

We throw together a load of Curb promos and somehow that's OK
Larry's back. And this time he's in New York. Everyone has known this for months. Think that'll stop us cobbling together some promos and calling it news? We've met before, right?
We're looking forward to seeing Larry David return in Curb Your Enthusiasm season eight, which premieres on HBO on 10th July, and on Sky Atlantic on ... (*rummages through papers*) er, don't know. They're not saying.

For a show that's, let's face it, pretty formulaic, it's done a great job of not becoming stale so far. Part of this is probably down to much of it being improvised, which I guess brings with it a kind of in-built freshness, and also down to the constant flow of celebrity cameos. Inevitably Ricky Gervais is among them this season, as - brilliantly - is Michael J Fox.

This time around, Larry's in New York, and gets the hump with new neighbour MJF, who he thinks is being excessively Parkinsons-y, as Fox explains:

[Larry thinks that] I'm being symptomatic just to annoy him - a whole passive-aggressive thing. He's complaining because I'm shuffling and making noise upstairs. It's very funny.
So here's a bunch of vids about it, starting with the teaser from ages ago.

And a 'behind the scenes' featurette:

And an 'invitation to the set' featurette, which is pretty much the same thing but a bit longer:

Aaaaaaaaaand finally the actual trailer:

Now obviously all this has been available for a while. But where else could you have seen them all on the same page? Other than the HBO website, obviously.

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