Watch Johnny Depp on Life's Too Short a week after everyone else

Watch Johnny Depp on Life's Too Short a week after everyone else
Nope: still not bored of Life's Too Short preview clips.
I ask you, what other website can offer our cast-iron guarantee that once an interesting or popular TV-clip video goes online, we'll do nothing for three or four days, briefly wake up, look around in confusion, hit Snooze for another couple of hours, then finally get around to noticing it's there, paste it for you here and write something daft about it as if that makes everything OK?

Getting the 'shit, how long has that been there?' treatment today is this clip from the upcoming Gervais/Merchant/Warwick Davis sitcom Life's Too Short, in which Johnny Depp meets Ricky and has a go at him for mugging him off at the Golden Globes. What a jolly good sport, especially for allowing the Bonham-Carter joke.

Life's Too Short starts on the BBC next Thursday and I reckon it's going to be ace. Public opinion turned against Gervais for a little while the other week when he started acting like a dick on Twitter, but every clip I've seen from this has been solid gold so far. It might make fun of dwarves a bit, but there's a dwarf in it and he doesn't mind, so that's OK, right? Like when the BNP got that Asian guy in so it's all fine now.

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