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True Blood trailer surprisingly light on boning

True Blood trailer surprisingly light on boning
Then again, it is only the first of probably two or three, so I guess the others will be crammed full of rimjobs, DPs and Voltaire's Angry Glove.
When The Man eventually forces his own moral barometer on the rest of us and decides that we need to 'opt in' to look at online pornography, thus ensuring our name appears on a register of known sex cases to be used to discredit us if we ever protest against any of his decisions, there are bound to be about a million things considered pornographic and blocked to opter-outers when they shouldn't be. Nuts magazine, for example, or the right-hand sidebar on the Daily Mail website.

I wonder which side of the jizz-fence True Blood trailers will fall on. This one's pretty tepid by comparison, focusing on a bastarding great vampire war or something, with not nearly as much blood-drenched bumfudding as you might expect. There is of course a chance that it intends to take a bold new creative direction with its fifth season and not have everyone rutting like drunk Vikings the whole time.

Or maybe this is just the calm before a particularly sticky storm.

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