The Newsroom has Jeff Daniels in it

The Newsroom has Jeff Daniels in it
So let's not pretend for a second I'm not going to mention Dumb and Dumber. We know each other too well and it would cheapen us both.

There, it's done with.

Jeff Daniels is one of those guys from the 80s/90s who's just ready for a TV show, you know? Like Jeff Goldblum or Judge Reinhold. And it turns out he's a pretty able mouthpiece for Aaron Sorkin dialogue, which you can spot a mile off.

I like that Sorkin seems to be trying to finish what he started on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a drama about the backstage workings of an SNL-style TV show, which then got cancelled before it could find its feet. He's also trodden this ground before with Sports Night before The West Wing hit big.

Not sure what it is that fascinates him so much about TV studios, but I'm just glad the guy's making TV again. What I've always loved about the way he writes is that it's as much about the sound of the words as it is about their meaning. Case in point in this trailer: when Jeff Daniels says "Yosemite?" It's not a punchline in particular - it's just a word that's rhythmically pleasing after the long stats-heavy diatribe. A kind of verbal badum-TISH. Sorkin gave Richard Schiff lines like this over and over again, presumably because he liked hearing him deliver them as much as we did.

Plus this'll be on HBO, meaning it'll have swearing in it too, and swearing improves all dialogue. Fact.

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