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Mad Men blooper: that's the wrong song, Don

Mad Men blooper: that's the wrong song, Don
Don Draper, you goof. Your wife hands you a new copy of one of the greatest albums ever made, and the only thing you had to do was put the needle in the right place.
It was good to hear some Beatles on Mad Men last night, if only because it was getting a little silly that it's 1966, everyone's talking about them but no one ever puts one of their songs on. So as Don kicked his shoes off after a hard day's lying on his office couch and smoking, he got to sit and have a listen to Tomorrow Never Knows, the final track off the Revolver album Megan had bought him in an attempt to make him hip.

What was he thinking as he sat and listened? Probably that this weird backwards tape-loop noise pounding his eardrums represented a world changing around him and leaving him behind, and a wife who'd just quit being by his side at Sterling Cooper all day to go off and hang out with exactly the type of pot-smoking beatniks he was powerless to influence as an advertiser. He was becoming a dinosaur, and the last thing he wanted to do was turn off his mind, relax and float downstream.

But these were the days of vinyl, remember, and it wasn't always easy to put the needle in exactly the right place when you were looking for a specific song.

Probably more Don's pace, anyway.

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Posted by Ed at 09:59 on 27/07/12
Permit me to draw attention to a comment on the YouTube page by scottford89, who writes:

"Why´╗┐ did you change the actual song? Stupid."