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LeBlanc is LeBack

LeBlanc is LeBack
Matt LeBlanc has grey hair and is still, let's face it, approximately 60% hotter than any of us.
Let us speak of Matt LeBlanc. Last year he sent himself up splendidly by playing an egocentric version of himself in the BBC/Showtime crossover joint Episodes, in which British sitcom-writers Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan come to LA to oversee the US remake, only to find their clever, nuanced script pulled apart in favour of a brainless star vehicle for Joey from Friends.

How very meta. It manages to satirise the US networks' liking for box-ticking star vehicles, while at the same time being a pretty effective star vehicle.

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Season one bagged him a Golden Globe, and now season two's starting on Friday 11th May, which just goes to show that everyone likes a star who's self-aware. Now that Extras has shown you can do it, everyone wants in on the act. Which is a hopeful way of saying MATTHEW PERRY CAMEO PLEASE.

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