I'm going to watch the SHIT out of Luther tonight

I'm going to watch the SHIT out of Luther tonight
OK, so while I might have described Luther as 'a bit daft and clich´┐Ż-ridden', there's a chance that I wasn't ... you know ... wholly, um, correct. That is to say ... look, I was wrong, alright? Because it turns out Luther is the BALLS.

In my defence the season two opener wasn't all that amazing, but then in episode two: THIS. He took a nail through the hand. Then just got on with the conversation.

OK ... so this BBC trailer pussies out before the actual nailing bit. Couldn't find a video that showed it. Use your imagination, watch it on the iPlayer at about the 15-minute mark or just nail a friend's hand to a table, whatever works.
In the third episode there's a new killer in town, and he rolls dice all the time. Seven or above, he strolls calmly into an office and goes on a killing spree with a hammer; six or below, he just stays in and eats Shreddies.

Then to be honest I'm not 100% sure what happened at the end, because it looked like Luther got him bang to rights, guv, but the next thing I knew he was out again and on the concourse at Liverpool Street Station, where he was about to roll the dice again. (By the way, if you so much as slow down to glance at an advert at Liverpool Street, you'll be trampled to death, so I've no idea how he's managed to kneel down and roll dice on the floor.)

This raises the distinct possibility of some sort of hallucination or even (*licks lips*) EVIL TWIN plot device. Neither of these has ever failed to be awesome. Fact.

Here's a teaser/taster thing of tonight's episode.

And now look at this even tastier/teasiery thing which is much shorter but a lot more dramatic.

Is Luther pouring petrol over his head?



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Posted by Kirsty at 14:16 on 05/07/11
I wish I'd watched this.

I wish I had a telly.