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Homeland game is C-I-Ace

Homeland game is C-I-Ace
This Homeland YouTube game appears to have been around since November. But it's new on me, so it must be on you, right? It's not like you know how to work the internet. Try it: this is the first time I've been impressed by something on YouTube since that toddler who can play I Shot the Sheriff on the glockenspiel.
Debrett's Modern Manners, the guide to etiquette in all social situations, has a section on social networking these days. When is it acceptable to de-friend someone on Facebook? When should you use 'MT' instead of 'RT' on Twitter? That sort of thing.

Were it not for the fact that its website is currently down (which is just bad manners in itself, guys: what if I'd been trying to make conversation with the Greek Ambassador to the Court of St James this evening and ended up addressing him as 'Your Grace'? Imagine the fall-out), I'd look at it and most likely see something along these lines:

When posting a televisual recording on the YouTube video-sharing portal, it is the height of rudeness to pepper one's offering with pop-up annotations containing links and messages along the lines of: "c mi piano playin cat vidz 4 more LOLZZZZ" or "justin bieber izzz sooooo hottttt!!!! squeeeee!!!!"
On a more-or-less related note, it would DEFINITELY say these exact words:

From both a moral and simply factual standpoint, anyone who uploads a video with the title "Walking Dead episode five WATCH FULL EPISODE FREE HERE" that consists of a still image of a zombie and a link to some Trojan-infested shit-billet that comprises only pop-ups that say "YOU ARE THE 10,000,000th VISITOR! CLICK!", and cannot be closed without unplugging one's laptop computer and burying it in the back garden, is a cunt.
Annotations are a blight on YouTube, which was already pretty blighted by the decision to allow comments from the emotionally unstable.

Except for in this case. This is a really clever, creative way to make use of them: a YouTube game based on Homeland, which is factually The Balls. Give it a go. I'm not saying it's just like being in the CIA or anything, but it's better than staring at spreadsheets all day, fingers poised over Alt+Tab in case your boss walks in.

No spoilers either, so if you haven't yet figured out that it was Brody who killed Kennedy and faked the moon landings, you're quite safe.

Make sure annotations are turned on.

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Posted by Kirsty at 11:48 on 03/03/12
That really is pretty cool. Nice find!