Gracepoint to be loads better than Broadchurch because America

It will too, won't it? Even though this pilot looks to be literally identical to the ITV version save for the fact that Nick Nolte's wearing a hat to play the creepy old guy who runs the newsagent and everyone reckons is a paedo, the plan is apparently to take it in a different direction from here. And inevitably it'll be great and no one will be able to remember why they ever watched ITV in the first place. Could you remake Midsomer Murders next please, guys?

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Posted by Kirsty at 10:04 on 23/05/14
Oh, so he's doing his American in this. Thought it would be weird if it was just DI Whatsischops on some sort of Scotland Yard Exchange Trip.

It does look good, mostly because it looks exactly the same. Almost shot-for-shot exactly the same.

Will watch. Of course.