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Let's take a moment to appreciate The Americans title sequence

Posted by Ed Williamson at 20:30 on 21 Jul 2013

Lovely stuff. Shame it's on ITV.

They're remaking Ironside and he cares little for your damn rules

Posted by Ed Williamson at 23:30 on 04 Jul 2013

At last, a cop who doesn't do things by the book. For too long we've had to endure TV drama about policemen who are sticklers for convention and would rather do paperwork than be out on the streets getting their hands dirty. Full trailer here.

Another reason to love Mad Men: the preview vids tell you nothing

Posted by Ed Williamson at 00:05 on 30 May 2013

I read a Matthew Weiner interview recently in which he confirmed something I've long suspected: that the end-credits teaser videos for the next episode deliberately tell you nothing whatsoever about what'll be in it. They're basically just to humour the network's demands: collections of random dialogue snippets from which it's impossible to derive any meaning, let alone plot spoilers. I applaud this.

Why doesn't Finch build a front end for The Machine?

Posted by Ed Williamson at 09:45 on 12 Apr 2013

This is why the government didn't want it, you mug. Like you expect everyone at the NSA to deal with some cumbersome command-line interface every time they want to run a query. Stick a GUI on it with a few buttons and dropdowns if you're such a bloody genius and maybe we'll talk.

Dexter production team automate their weekly meat raffle

Posted by Ed Williamson at 10:30 on 30 Mar 2013

Much easier than writing them all out and picking one from the spinning drum. Well done, Maria Laguerta: you win the brisket.

Philip Seymour Hoffman on Law and Order

Posted by Ed Williamson at 23:00 on 16 Mar 2013

I noticed tonight that there's a 1991 episode of Law and Order on Netflix featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman, so thought I'd take a look-see. This is the cold opening, in which he and Gil Bellows quickly ramp up the crazy. Settled in to watch the rest and discovered Samuel L Jackson's in it too. Just think, if you had Netflix too you could be just like me.

It's time to accept I'm not in E4's key demographic any more

Posted by Ed Williamson at 21:15 on 28 Feb 2013

I don't know by what logic one would describe one's neighbourhood as one's 'ends'. There is a healthy chance I never will.

French trailer for Dexter season seven, because foreigners

Posted by Ed Williamson at 23:50 on 21 Feb 2013

Le Dexter! Il est un tueur en série! Mais vous l'aimez parce que son code moral est complexe! Septième saison commence le dimanche. (*Gallic shrug emoticon*)

Attenborough finally mental

Posted by Ed Williamson at 23:45 on 11 Feb 2013

It was inevitable really. The man's gone crackers, is pretending to be a rhino, and seems to think Elvis was one too.

Billy Brown should probably just give up law enforcement

Posted by Ed Williamson at 23:45 on 07 Feb 2013

He has rubbish luck with it. Can't seem to stay alive five minutes.