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The Apprentice

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Review: The Apprentice 2012 – final

Posted by Jamie at 22:30 on 04 Jun 2012
The Apprentice 2012 – final
Only four candidates remain in Lord Sugar's quest to find his next business partner as telly-land's favourite (only) prime-time business reality show reaches its climax. What a series it's been, eh? OK, so we may not have had a Badger or a Baggs 'The Brand', but we have had a wrestler called Ricky Martin (still funny), the worst TV advert produced by the hopefuls to date, and Nick's eyebrows at such a semi-constant state of raised they may never return to their original position.

Top 5 Apprentice interview moments

Posted by Matt at 17:09 on 14 Jul 2011
Top 5 Apprentice interview moments
The finale of the Apprentice is on BBC1 at 9pm on Sunday and, in a shake-up of the usual schedule, the last episode will be the interview stagewhich I LOVE. It's like watching a grown-up office equivalent of Lord of the Flies, but these people signed a contract so it's ok!

Apprentice candidates announced – new heights of douchebaggery

Posted by Ed at 06:36 on 04 May 2011
Apprentice candidates announced – new heights of douchebaggery
One day I'll snap à la Michael Douglas in Falling Down, and it'll probably be because someone at work invites me to 'blue-sky' something.
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