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Person Of Interest

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Why doesn't Finch build a front end for The Machine?

Posted by Ed Williamson at 09:45 on 12 Apr 2013

This is why the government didn't want it, you mug. Like you expect everyone at the NSA to deal with some cumbersome command-line interface every time they want to run a query. Stick a GUI on it with a few buttons and dropdowns if you're such a bloody genius and maybe we'll talk.

Person of Interest: Reese survived shooting, is now weird stalker

Posted by Ed Williamson at 20:00 on 20 Jan 2013

Delighted to report that Person of Interest season one resumes on Channel 5 next Sunday. Though to be honest, I didn't foresee a story arc in which Reese recovers from his shooting by spying on women from his window.

Top 20 TV shows of 2012

Posted by Ed Williamson, Matt Looker, Luke Whiston, Rob Young at 22:30 on 02 Jan 2013
Top 20 TV shows of 2012
We spent 2012 doing what we do best: watching TV and putting off writing about it. And my stars, the things we've seen. If only there were some way to convey our preferences of one thing over another through hierarchical structuring. Wait a minute ...

Review: Person of Interest: season one – first half

Posted by Ed Williamson at 17:30 on 06 Nov 2012
Person of Interest: season one – first half
Here's a show that's been on for weeks and we haven't mentioned. Now it's off again till January. Ideal time for a review, I'd have thought. PRs take note: send me a DVD and I'll review it some time around it hitting the shelves in Oxfam.

Hey, this looks Person of Interesting

Posted by Ed Williamson at 19:29 on 23 Jul 2011
Hey, this looks Person of Interesting
Scripted by Jonathan Nolan, forthcoming CBS thriller Person of Interest is all about an unstoppable individual who metes out vigilante justice. Sounds a bit like Batman. Starring Jim Caviezel. Didn't he play Jesus? Well, Jesus, Batman: who can tell the difference any more?
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