The Shat hits the fan

The Shat hits the fan
$#*! My Dad Says, the CBS sitcom adaptation of a twitter account based on a guy's rude Dad, is causing some controversy in the States. Surprisingly, it's not purely because it's a TV show with such a convoluted origin. And why have I reported on Twitter-related events twice 2 days? Outrage.

The show is inspired by Justin Halpern's twitter account, wherein he conveys his Dad's opinions on everything from football to crying.
In the TV version, Ed is a cantankerous multiple-divorcee who doles out chunks of salty advice to his sons. One of whom has a computer, I assume.

The controversy comes, as all good controversies do, via crazy- sorry, concerned parent groups who believe that the show's title is improper and potentially threatens life as we know it. They (in this case they are The Parents Television Council) are urging advertisers to boycott the show, in the hopes that if enough do CBS will drop $#*! My Dad Says altogether.

Now, I don't agree with them, but I do see where they're coming from.
The inclusion of what are currently classed as "rude words" into the TV Guide is another sign of the more relaxed attitude to morality we as a society have cultivated over the past few decades.
Granted, the offending word itself is disguised by symbols, but aren't s, h, i and t just symbols for the sounds that make up the word "shit"? Just as @ is now used to mean the actual word "at" by more than the letters a and t are. Thanks for that one twitter.

And $#*!... isn't even the worst offender out there - last week, to little or no fanfare or mob-rallying, Investigation Discovery (them again) announced the launch of a show entitled Who The (bleep) Did I Marry?. That's surely morally offensive on far more levels?

What the PTC fail to acknowledge is that this show is geared to an adult audience, airing after the watershed hour and has already been censored. Kids who are previously aware of the symbolic nature of word will only be at best amused at it, and children who aren't will probably not come into contact with it at all.
The ones who realise it's called Shit My Dad says will be the ones with the twitter accounts who follow the uncensored, much fouler, updates daily.

Star of the show, William $#@!ner stands firmly behind CBS and the producers, stating that in fact he would have preferred the show go by its full uncensored title.

"The word shit is around us. It isn't a terrible term. It's a natural function. Why are we pussyfooting?"

GASP. He said pussy! Now we're in for it!

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Posted by Davwa at 12:15 on 11/10/10
I didn't take it off the shelf either, lol, i guess it may just be a collection of tweets, which will surely make for rubbish reading?!?!

Like your good self i dont seem to care enough to remember to watch it, i downloaded ep 3 on friday, haven't got round to watching it though, however i have watched the third ep of Cougar Town season 2 three times, lol! LOVE IT!