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Lisa Edelstein

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Elementary guest star on familiar ground

Posted by Ed at 23:45 on 29 Nov 2012

"No, Sherlock, Princeton Plainsboro will not allow you to surgically remove a man's eyes in order to cure his athlete's foot. It's—"
"Oh, sorry, force of habit."

We respectfully invite the girls of House to put 'em on the glass

Posted by Ed at 23:23 on 03 Aug 2011
We respectfully invite the girls of House to put 'em on the glass
With new girl Odette Annable signing up for a major role in House season eight, I thought to myself: "Gold dust! She has a silly name! My razor-sharp wit will make short work of this!" and hit the laptop, only to run out of steam after about a minute. OK, so one daft name's not enough for a whole feature, but throw in some chicks in their pants ... CHA-CHING!

Review: House – season seven finale

Posted by Ed at 00:11 on 27 May 2011
House – season seven finale
So the other night I was performing surgery on my own leg in the bath just for kicks and I ended up having to call my ex-girlfriend to take me to the emergency room, which ultimately led to my driving a car through her living room window. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Cuddy: the doctor is out

Posted by Ed at 08:13 on 18 May 2011
Cuddy: the doctor is out
Lisa Edelstein ain't coming back no mo' for season eight of House. Women, eh? Always leaving you when you're the highest-paid TV actor in the world.

Review: House – season 7, episode 19: 'Last Temptation'

Posted by Ed at 06:41 on 05 May 2011
House – season 7, episode 19: 'Last Temptation'
Thirteen gets back to work and Masters finally sods off, taking her STUPID MOUTH with her.
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