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X Factor judges "will definitely take in homeless guy, just not right now"

X Factor judges "will definitely take in homeless guy, just not right now"
When X Factor auditionee Robbie Hance announced he was homeless, the sympathy on the judges' faces was there for all to see. Later on, a producer came up with the brilliant idea that he could move in with one of them: an idea they all loved in theory.
Yes, as soon as Robbie Hance mentioned he was homeless, the stirring music started up in the background. The audience, who, like, totes sympathise with the plight of the homeless, as long as they can sing, yeah?, gasped. The judges, having a keen understanding of the socioeconomic factors that might lead a person to end up sleeping on the streets, astutely observed that he had, like so many of Britain's dispossessed, "lost his confidence in his skill".

Later on, a producer suggested in a brainstorming session that one of the judges could take Hance into their home until he got back on his feet. A leaked transcript of the meeting we obtained reveals their responses.
Gary Barlow

Yeah, no, definitely, definitely. I can totally do something like that. Only thing I'd say, right, is that the next couple of weeks aren't great for me, because we've got a guy in doing the bathroom at the moment and we're really not set up for guests. But some time after that, I mean, yeah, no, leave it with me, I'll definitely let you know.
Tulisa Contostavlos

Totally not a problem, except obviously I'm pretty busy with stuff and I'm not there much, and I've got my mum staying with me for a few weeks because, like, she was moving house but the people she was buying from delayed at the last minute, and like she'd already sold her place, so now she's like, just kind of in limbo with me, you know? And we don't know when the house purchase is going to go through, and the solicitors are moving really slow, you know what they're like. And like, there's not that much room as it is, so it's just all a bit up in the air at the moment. So can we just, like, stick a pin in that, just for a week or two, then I'll totally let you know when it's all a bit clearer what's going on with it?
Rita Ora

Yeah, see, thing about my situation now is, right, I'm just like in this creative headspace where it's so hard to focus on stuff like my living situation, you know? Like, I could be, like, yeah, I've got this spare room, and yeah, he could sleep in it, but it's like I'm in this place where I don't know where I'm going to be this time next year, and there's so much going on with the album and that, that like mentally and spiritually I don't know whether I've got the focus to devote to something like that, you know? Because the thing with me is like I've always got to devote myself to something a million per cent, you know, like otherwise why do it? But yeah, definitely in theory, definitely.
Louis Walsh

Sure, I'd love to have him stay. Just tell him not to worry about the cameras in the spare room, they're from a film project I was doing. And about that picture in there of the boys doing the tug of war, that was a present, I've been meaning to get rid of that. Anyway, tell him just to ring the bell, Ramon will let him in.
Hance was said to be flattered by Walsh's offer, but considering his options.

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