HUGELY MASSIVELY EXCLUSIVE interview with Olivia Colman

HUGELY MASSIVELY EXCLUSIVE interview with Olivia Colman
In an actual proper thing that really happened, we caught up with Olivia Colman, AKA Sophie off of Peep Show, and asked her the one question everyone needs, as in medically needs, to know the answer to.
Quite exciting, this. Over in our movie-based parallel universe, managed to snag themselves an interview with Olivia Colman after she grabbed fistfuls of plaudits this year for an amazing performance in Paddy Considine's film Tyrannosaur. Of course, this was too good an opportunity to pass up, so we bribed them with Haribo to ask her one Peep Show question and, jolly good sport that she is, she answered it.

The result, as you might expect, is a game-changer. Prepare yourselves.
: Who do you reckon is the better lay: Mark or Jeremy?

Olivia: Oooh, tricky. Well, Jeremy was inventive but we were very drunk. Mark is actually a master of tantric, he doesn't like to let on, but he's pretty impressive.
Just take a moment to let the implications of this sink in. Will you ever watch Peep Show in the same light again?

What's that? We should have asked her something more consequential and she was obviously just humouring us, you say? Well, fine, we'll ask her something else.
: Olivia, could you tell us whether -

Shit, she's gone.
Read the full, and in some places quite sensible, interview with Olivia Colman as part of's Top 20 films of 2011 list. Thanks to Olivia and to Shizniteer Ali for their time.

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