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Dean Cain is no mug

Dean Cain is no mug
Thought Dean Cain was the type of bloke to just sit around on a pile of Superman cash doing nothing? Have very few thoughts of any kind about Dean Cain during the course of your day-to-day life? THINK AGAIN.
It would be easy to forget about Dean Cain ever since Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman went off the air. But you should know two things about Dean Cain.

One: Dean Cain gets WORK, son. Check his IMDb. OK, not much of it is the kind of stuff Daniel Day-Lewis is auditioning for, but the guy's doing eight to ten jobs a year. Judge Reinhold would kill a cat for that schedule.

Two: Dean Cain has been confirmed as the lead on a new show Bounce, just greenlit by VH1. Its synopsis, courtesy of the Huffington Post:

The series will follow the Los Angeles Devil Girls, the premiere dance team in professional basketball. "Bounce" centers on Ahsha (Taylor Paige) who joins the team despite her mother Sloane's (Kimberly Elise) wishes. Dean Cain will play Pete Davenport, a former All-Star who comes back to coach his old team.
Think it doesn't sound like much of a job opportunity for Dean Cain? Here are six of his new castmates.

Logan Browning

Marissa Heart

Nicole Alexandra Shipley

Stephanie Mosley

Valery M. Ortiz

Melissa Molinaro
(*high-fives Dean Cain*)

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