What have I missed: Hollyoaks

What have I missed: Hollyoaks
In which we look at the state of our favourite shows, years after we actually stopped watching them. In this first (and most likely last) instalment, we hit the ground QWOPing with Hollyoaks.

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Posted by Kirsty at 09:26 on 15/06/11
I imagine the poor girl felt a bit silly when it finally came out and she realised whatever "part" she'd been playing with Eric Roberts she'd been cut.

God I hate Eamon Holmes.
Posted by Ed at 18:59 on 14/06/11
No, she's an extra, basically. Amazing she was allowed to go on TV and promote it really.
Posted by Matt at 18:38 on 14/06/11
Ha ha - "a very small role"? I don't think she even has a line, does she? Before the film came out, she was listed on IMDB as playing Harley Quinn, but that proved to be utter balls.
Posted by Kirsty at 13:45 on 14/06/11
That's never a real fact. I don't believe you.

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Warning: excessive Eamon Holmes.

Well colour me wrong.
Allegedly she was supposed to become Harley Quinn (my poisonal favourite ladybaddy). Instead she's working for Cindy in a spa in Chester.
Posted by Ed at 11:30 on 14/06/11
That does sound amaze.

My favourite Oaks fact is that Mandy was in The Dark Knight, in the scene when Batman duffs up a load of folk in a nightclub.
Posted by Kirsty at 10:11 on 14/06/11
Brendan Brady is the best soap baddie since Tricky Dicky stoved Maxine's head in. He's killed everyone.

And look at him, he even rocks the dastardly hat. *wibble*

Gilly's still in it - and he's a maybe-got-away-with-rapist.
Mandy's still in it and despite being 18 months younger than me has managed to style herself as some kind of 40 year old receptionist.
Best fact of all?
George from Drop The Dead Donkey lures teenage women into the woods using the EVIL internet and strangles them.

I<3 The Oaks.