Top 20 TV shows of 2013

Top 20 TV shows of 2013
In years to come, we will remember 2013 as the year everything changed. Danny Dyer is now in Eastenders, and across the land all else has ceased to matter. But look upon the works of this medium, now so wholly transformed, and you will see more than this. And you might think it handy that some berk put it all in a list and bid you read it.

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Posted by Nick at 21:32 on 27/05/14
Last time I saw Will Graham, he was looking pretty vulnerable.

Moar Hannibal!
Posted by Kirsty at 10:04 on 23/05/14
I love Hannibal. Can you do more about Hannibal please?

Ideally just multiple stills of Will Graham looking vulnerable, that'll do.

Edited at 10:06 on 23/05/14
Posted by Ed at 14:39 on 01/01/14
Never even heard of In the Flesh. My finger is some distance from the pulse.

Just realised I completely forgot Black Mirror too. What idiot put me in charge here? I'm like a gibbon running a bank.
Posted by Nick at 19:40 on 31/12/13
Game of Thrones is show of the year

Hannibal is the best new show

In The Flesh is the best show not on here

Breaking Bad is now the most overrated show in the history of TV. It was perfectly fine, the end of Season 4 even reached the status of pretty good, but that's it.