Top 20 TV shows of 2011

Top 20 TV shows of 2011
You like lists, right? Especially ones that tell you what to think? Step inside, reader: here's the best TV shows of the year, determined by people vaguely qualified to do so.

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Posted by Ed at 12:10 on 06/01/12
Yeah, UK-broadcast only. Would've been in the top five otherwise. Even the little that has been shown over here has been at weird hours and barely promoted. Which is weird, given that it is the greatest thing mankind has ever produced.
Posted by IainMullan at 11:59 on 06/01/12
Breaking Bad? Or are we only talking UK broadcast shows. In which case, while we're on the subject - why are no UK channels showing it?? Season 3 was incredible!
Posted by Matt at 07:14 on 03/01/12
Nick - watched season 2 of The Walking Dead and agree that the ending was bloody amaze, and perhaps should have been the defining moment but it was always going to be hard to describe without spoils.
Posted by Lars at 15:48 on 02/01/12
Well I've seen Doctor Who and Game of Thrones to the full, and some single episodes of Walking Dead, Misfits, Dexter and The Killing. I got a little annoyed at The Killing 2, it seemed there were a little too much plot conveniences and such. Liked the Justice Minister sidestory though. Doctor Who was dead fun, Game of Thrones was the shit, looking forward to season 2. Misfits was surprisingly not worse, from what I've seen. Oh, and I've seen Fringe for so far it's been released. Uhm, I guess that was it. I don't actually watch TV, I download everything off newsgroups.
Posted by Nick at 14:22 on 02/01/12
Not seen the 2nd season of The Walking Dead then? The climax from the last episode was easily the best moment so far, just as well given how long it took to build up to it.
Not much springs to mind about tv for last year, everything was mildly disappointing. Archer didn't quite have the same spark, Mongrels is heading rapidly downwards, Dexter Season 6 was entertaining but downright stupid at times, Skins was flatout dreadful.
I did very much enjoy The Big Bang Theory, The Ricky Gervais Show was bloody hilarious, An Idiot Abroad slightly less so. Earthflight last week was fantastic and I'll definitely be watching the next 5 episodes.
Posted by Ed at 16:36 on 31/12/11
BIT FUCKING LATE for suggestions, wouldn't you say?

No, actually that occurred to me this afternoon after you mentioned it on Twitter so I checked. Was at the end of 2010.
Posted by Luke at 16:36 on 31/12/11
Is Kirty's boyfriend nicknamed "fish-finger sandwiches"?
Posted by Ali at 16:34 on 31/12/11
Was The Trip on TV this year? Because that's one of my favourite telly things of recent times.
Posted by Lars at 16:23 on 31/12/11
I've seen about.... 2 of these. Is that bad?