Top 10 TV shows of 2014

Top 10 TV shows of 2014
What's that? No, there never used to be 20 shows in our end-of-year lists. You're imagining things. OK, maybe that's partially true. Fine, it's entirely true. But trust me, this is a bold new way of doing the traditional yearly round-up, and in no sense a way for me to spend more time eating cake and less time writing over Christmas.

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Posted by Nick at 22:42 on 16/01/15
I can understand why people don't watch it. Secretly I'd like to believe that there are 10 million people somewhere who, after hearing all the talk, decided to join in for Ep 2 of this season and were then subjected to the utterly horrendous mural escape, before they turned off again.
Posted by Ed at 23:46 on 14/01/15
Dull is the new exciting. It works on so many levels.

Forgot Hannibal nearly got cancelled. That's actually mental, isn't it?
Posted by Nick at 15:36 on 11/01/15
True Detective and Silicon Valley are still on my list of things to watch, and will likely remain there until the TV deadzone that is July comes around.

As far as Eastenders, I haven't watched it properly in years but occasionally I catch an episode. If they've made changes then great, but as an outsider, them playing the long-game makes it impossible to know what the hell is going on now.

Fargo is kind of a miracle. It's amazingly Coen'y and yet they've got no involvement at all. That shootout in the snow was just outstanding.

My love of Bojack is well known, moving on.

I'll have to give The Leftovers another go, because I watched the first episode and it literally put me to sleep. My god it was the dullest thing I've seen all year!

And yeah, Hannibal, the best show on tv again and it's not even close. That is only narrowly avoided cancellation makes me want to eat the people that don't watch it.