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Review: The Walking Dead – season one, episode 1

The Walking Dead – season one, episode 1
AMC, the small channel who done good and gave us the brilliant Mad Men, have gone and created another masterpiece of original programming.
Where Mad Men made us want to wear hats and smoke long, sexy cigarettes, The Walking Dead will make you cry and pee yourself. It’s excellent.

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Posted by Nick at 13:04 on 27/06/12
The first season was disappointing. Looking back I don't know what the aim of it was as it's lacking action but also completely fails to develop characters too.
Season 2 was much the same until about halfway through when you can suddenly feel the writers wanting a payoff for the all the build and preparing a new direction for Season 3. The last 7 episodes are highly watchable.
Posted by Ben at 10:11 on 27/06/12
I watched the first ep last night. (Yeah, I'm a bit behind with TV). The hospital think was too much like 28 Days Later, and they were a touch too lackadaisical about the zombies, but it was entertaining enough.
Posted by Gavin at 04:59 on 02/12/10
Watched the first 2 episodes last night, yes its like other Zombie/Virus programs/Films but im hooked!

I pretty much sat through the first episode nervously wondering if the zombies could run or not...

Seems like a good cast, the wife loves Andrew Lincoln, Love Actually is one of her fav films and Teachers was great! any show with an English leading man and im in!!
Posted by Luke at 22:12 on 12/11/10
I suppose the flaw in my comment is if it's like every zombie movie, then why watch so many?

Second episode just finished on FX in the UK - warming to it. I like the main guy too - used to watch This Life and Teachers.
Posted by Miresnare at 14:10 on 10/11/10
"Meh, seen it a million times before."

This is the problem with taking a book that's cribbed from every zombie movie that's gone before then filming it. It's the human aspect I'm looking forward too, and the longer running time than a two hour movie.
Posted by Kirsty at 00:44 on 06/11/10
Stop watching repeats.
I liked it and it scared me, but I'm a just a tiny little girl.
Posted by Luke at 22:16 on 05/11/10
First episode just finished on FX in the UK.

Meh, seen it a million times before.
Posted by Nick at 16:26 on 05/11/10
Very much want to see this