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Review: The Kennedys

The Kennedys
SPOILER ALERT: I'm pretty sure the main guy dies at the end.

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Posted by Augustlinue at 00:12 on 15/02/17
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Posted by Rascal at 17:17 on 27/06/12
There, there. Whatever its flaws, even for those who live and breathe US history, the series brings historical context, family dynamics, cigar smoke and testosterone poisoning together in ways that no other series has attempted.

I'm just getting to Ep 4, so maybe the answer to my query is yet to come: Bit odd, isn't it, that there's not so much as an oblique allusion to that other satyrical Kennedy brother? (What was his name? Teddy? Did the Kopechne clan get him declared a non-person?)

We know that JFK remembered the unmentioned sibling. When answering press pool questions about Vaugn Meader's 1962 hit album lampooning the Kennedys, JFK replied that Meader's impersonation of him sounded more like Teddy.
Posted by Ed at 20:51 on 13/07/11
Just seen episode 7, AKA The Shootening. Really is amazingly misjudged.

The point of the assassination in narrative terms is the effect on the family, so you have the chance to be vague about the shooter's identity, which would be the easiest way to go and the most effective, but instead it just flat-out SHOWS you it was Oswald and Oswald only. Thus effectively taking a stand on the debate when it shouldn't have needed to and distracting from the point.

And it WASN'T Oswald on his own FFS. Does "back and to the left" mean nothing to these people? Tommy Lee Jones did it! Or maybe Joe Pesci, I forget.

Plus the assassination is intercut with shots of Joe Sr trying to stand up after his stroke.

Is this a metaphor? Are the two things being implicitly compared? Is a man trying to stand independently out of his wheelchair IN ANY WAY allegorical to someone getting shot in the head?


Aaaaargh it should be so much better.

I'm still going to watch the last one, aren't I? God alive.
Posted by Ed at 21:40 on 20/06/11
Worth watching, at the very least. I'm definitely going to watch the rest of it. It's just I'll have to remember not to laugh at times.

It's like, you know in Pearl Harbor when Affleck stiffens his chin, stares wistfully into the middle distance and says something inspiring about America? A lot of The Kennedys is like that.

Edited at 21:41 on 20/06/11
Posted by Nick at 20:19 on 20/06/11
Bleh, that's a shame. I'd been looking forward to this for some time.